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PRAISE THE SUN!!!! 8====D ~~~ 

Beautiful Twat

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I'M JUST SO FUGGIN ARTSY2581766_139342109281_DamienArtsy.jpg


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In an NG chat room

2010-06-07 03:38:09 by Bustyourchop

masterninja15: anyone good with medical
arikgs: kinda
SpittingVitriol: You don't have to be a faggot as long as the Dutch Rudder is an option
masterninja15: can you identify a disease
arikgs: cauterizing is usually the answer
Sterance: you can always pimp it out on the forums. or here on the chat
SpittingVitriol: It's not gay because you're touching your own dick.
arikgs: sure
masterninja15: ok is there anyway i can say in private
Bustyourchop: l ao
arikgs: it must be herpes
masterninja15: um no
masterninja15: pretty sure its not that
Sterance: you can pm people masterninja, is that your question?
arikgs: why else would u need private
SpittingVitriol: Just say it here
arikgs: is it aids?
arikgs: but mold
masterninja15: i asked if you could identify a disease
Sterance: click a name on the left and then click pm
arikgs: jews wont stay out of your truffle garden
masterninja15: not guess
SpittingVitriol: $10 sais it's dick-cheese
Bustyourchop: lmfao
SpittingVitriol: Describe it
arikgs: yeah
Sterance: what are your symptoms?
masterninja15: uuuuh
arikgs: do you feel anything like a moose
arikgs: do you have the sudden urges to reassemble a lawnmower
arikgs: is your cat on fire
masterninja15: well im not really sure of symptons but uh basicly i have what looks like small warts on my dick
arikgs: bam
SpittingVitriol: ROFL
masterninja15: and with a line thats red on em
arikgs: herpes
Bustyourchop: lmmfao okg
Sterance: sounds like HPV to me
SpittingVitriol: That's common
Bustyourchop: rofl
Sterance: whens the last time you had sex?
masterninja15: wtf is hpv
masterninja15: never im only 13
SpittingVitriol: Just wear a condom and no girl will notice
Sterance: oh wow. could just be acne then
masterninja15: of the penis
Sterance: its possible
arikgs: zits
Sterance: do you have bad acne elsewhere?
Bustyourchop: lmfao rofl
arikgs: pop em
froggy12: emo's?
arikgs: the video tape it and send it to me
masterninja15: well i got a wondering zit that ends up somewhere different every day or two
Bustyourchop: lol this is too funny
Bustyourchop: lmfao!
masterninja15: yea i know
masterninja15: thats pretty funny
Sterance: well man, i'd see a doctor. its probably harmless, but you want to take care of your junk
arikgs: whats a shower?
masterninja15: i do take showers
Sterance: just suck it up and go see a doctor. they've seen way worse
masterninja15: so im goin with zits and acne and yadda yadda
arikgs: i jump in a ditch for hygene
arikgs: XDD
arikgs: penus pimples
masterninja15: PP
Sterance: yeah thats gotta suck. i can't imagine
masterninja15: well it doesnt hurt in anyway
SpittingVitriol: Probs sebaceous glands
arikgs: *pop pop pop*
masterninja15: its been there for either 1 or 2 years
masterninja15: no actuall effect that i can recall or see
Sterance: could be spitting. i'd leave it up to a doctor
masterninja15: unless you count dementia
Sterance: haha... oh that sentence looks so wrong
SpittingVitriol: Spitting sebaceous glands!
SpittingVitriol: Have I wet my pants? Oh wait, no. Thats just my Spitting sebaceous glands leaking.
arikgs: sexy
masterninja15: but hey ill bet 50 bucks arikgs has either herpes or some type of std
Sterance: i was thinking more of "i'd leave the spitting up to the doctor"
arikgs: i put the std in stud all i need is u
SpittingVitriol: Master, you got a sock or a helmet?
masterninja15: im quite serious
Bustyourchop: lalalalalalalalala
Sterance: WOW. that line is epic. i'm remembering that one
masterninja15: wait a minute
masterninja15: sock or helmet? wtf does that mean
Sterance: cut or uncut
arikgs: lol
Sterance: gentile or jew
arikgs: good times good times
Sterance: lol...
arikgs: i was uncut once but i hate the cold
arikgs: so i sewed it back on
masterninja15: XD
Sterance: i saw protesters protesting circumsicion once. it blew my mind
SpittingVitriol: So, what is it master?
masterninja15: did it make a mess!
Sterance: a giant banner saying "STOP THE PENIS BUTCHER DOCTORS"
masterninja15: uuuuuh
masterninja15: why
arikgs: again a swift kik to the face usually solves all
Sterance: i'll have to find that picture. best protest banner ever
SpittingVitriol: It's relevant..
masterninja15: whats wrong with circumsizing
masterninja15: it makes it look bigger
arikgs: its in the bible
Sterance: just answer vitriol, he's trying to diagnose you
arikgs: it cant be bad XDD
masterninja15: jewdisim and christianity are one in the same quite frankly
masterninja15: like no shit go look at the storys of the two
arikgs: glad im agnostic
keeth33: emos!!
Sterance: oh man... such a huge bait right there
arikgs: lol
masterninja15: and im glad im greek mythologist
arikgs: its not gonna work keeth
keeth33: damnit
masterninja15: wont ever
keeth33: walp you are
arikgs: i fucked with the hardcore emo and he cried and left
masterninja15: blue
keeth33: lol
masterninja15: into the blue!
SpittingVitriol: Master goes from a 12 year old virgin with dick problems, to a troll.
keeth33: emos
keeth33: emos!
masterninja15: how am i troll?
keeth33: emooooos!!! ragh
arikgs: lol
keeth33: how can you be emo
arikgs: be glad i like green keeth
Sterance: this chat room just melted my brain
keeth33: that rightm you cant
Bustyourchop: Lol i was only pretending to take your bait asswipe
masterninja15: brain smoothie
keeth33: you whiny bitchies
arikgs: or id find your house rape your parents then skull fuck your cat
Reviewer23: hi
arikgs: man i love cat
keeth33: but i liek my cat
arikgs: they taste like chicken
masterninja15: your chinese
Bustyourchop: lmfao
keeth33: bitch dont touch my pussy
Sterance: his chinese?
arikgs: i will destroy your pussy
masterninja15: dong where is my automobile?
keeth33: good to know
Sterance: fuck i'm so lost. i'm just gonna lurk now.
arikgs: lol
SpittingVitriol: The fuck just happened..
Bustyourchop: im loling over here
SpittingVitriol: Aha
masterninja15: cat shit
SpittingVitriol: Back to looking for Flash I can Favourite!
masterninja15: bye
SpittingVitriol: Not going anywhere..
masterninja15: damn
SpittingVitriol: Until i've diagnosed your dick properly
masterninja15: trust me weve left that subject already
SpittingVitriol: I'll draw up a Pie Chart of likely scenarios
Bustyourchop: im gonna copy and paste this whole chat to keep for fond memories
arikgs: trust me ive had worse busty
SpittingVitriol: yeah, because you couldn't tell if you've been circummagnituded or not.
keeth33: DUDE busty
SpittingVitriol: Ask your Parents if you're having that much trouble.
keeth33: i looked at ur pro
masterninja15: uuuuuh no dude
keeth33: your a desprate bitch
masterninja15: i asked whats wrong with circomsizing
arikgs: im tempted to see it
Bustyourchop: yep
masterninja15: cuase someone said a buncha people were protesting it
Bustyourchop: i forgot whats on my profile
SpittingVitriol: Doesn't really answer the question.
Sterance: ok i screen capped that. too much gold
masterninja15: the subject of my penis is no more
arikgs: fuckin cajun
masterninja15: um what
Haynayy: I hate my life now.
arikgs: good good
masterninja15: good for you get out
arikgs: no no
masterninja15: lol
arikgs: i want him to send me a vid of him hangin himself
Haynayy: That's a bit rude.
arikgs: stream it plox
masterninja15: i know i just enjoy it
arikgs: i need something new to masturbate to
Haynayy: I'm no pussy, I would hang myself.
Haynayy: Well, not JUST hang myself.
masterninja15: prove it...
Haynayy: I'd do it Carradine style and beat off at the same time.
masterninja15: tape it i wanna fuckin see if you have balls...
arikgs: hang yourself from a celieng fan and set yourself on fire
masterninja15: that would be cool!
Sterance: no, you glue your hands to the sides of your head, then hang yourself with piano wire
SpittingVitriol: Gayest thing i've ever heard.
Sterance: when they find you, it will look liek you ripped your own head off in a fit of rage
Haynayy: A ceiling fan would break.
SpittingVitriol: @ seeing Balls statement
masterninja15: XD
arikgs: yeah
Haynayy: That was dumb as fuck hahah.
arikgs: you need some counterweight
masterninja15: heres an idea
arikgs: unless your just extremely fat
Bustyourchop: lolable
arikgs: then i see why you hate your life
masterninja15: build a large peice of wood
Haynayy: I'm pretty scrawny.
masterninja15: and put it on the side of your house
SpittingVitriol: Stalking 101 to Dick Problems 101 to Hanging Yourself 101
SpittingVitriol: Why hasn't this channel been shut down yet
masterninja15: and then shave your head to look like an upside down crucifix
Sterance: well considering i would be the one to shut it down
masterninja15: glue your hands to your head
Bustyourchop: They will nevah shut down mah channel
Sterance: and i've been contributing
masterninja15: light yourself on fire and hang yourself
SpittingVitriol: Introduce Child Porn 101 if you need help getting it shut dodwn
Bustyourchop: you will have to kill me first
masterninja15: there we go now we all get what he want
SpittingVitriol: dodown
arikgs: hey busty ive been keeping these tards entertained XDD
Sterance: chat is chat. i'm not gonna shut down a chat because i think the topic is bad
Haynayy: How could you light yourself on fire and hang yourself with your hands glued to your head.
SpittingVitriol: silent d
arikgs: so onto babies
Haynayy: Your ideas are terrible.
masterninja15: you pre tie the rope
arikgs: who loves them
SpittingVitriol: pre light yourself on fire
arikgs: cuz i rly love them
Sterance: and yes, CP = instant ban. thats obvious i would have thought
masterninja15: and make it to where you can trigger some kinda fire on yourself
Haynayy: I feel like you'd die from the fire before being able to do all of that.
SpittingVitriol: Or just ask a friend to help..
masterninja15: well you pre tie it
SpittingVitriol: What friend would refuse
Haynayy: That's too much work, people who want to die generally just do it.
masterninja15: put glue on your head first not your hands
masterninja15: then go to the roof
Haynayy: You don't really put that much work into it.
arikgs: if i cryogenically froze a baby for 20 years then raped it would it still be pedophelia
masterninja15: light yourself grab your head and just jump on your neighbors fence
Sterance: depends haynavy. some people make a statement with their death
SpittingVitriol: Hanging yourself isn't a good way to go.
masterninja15: so that way you burn there lawn and property line instead of yours
Haynayy: Yeah, I guess, but I feel like I haven't seen much of that.
Sterance: sometimes you can never figure it out. a puzzle with not solution
masterninja15: seen much of what
Haynayy: My favorite is Elliott Smith, he stabbed himself TWICE in the chest.
Haynayy: That's some intense shit.
arikgs: do you have rodent problems haynayy
masterninja15: emo kid to the extreme
SpittingVitriol: 3 guys 1 hammer is fucked.. Forced suicide aka Murder.
Haynayy: Nah, do not.
arikgs: dam
Haynayy: Get some roaches now and again.
Bustyourchop: I i ever hung myself I would wrighht fuck you on my front yard in gasoline. then light it
arikgs: go buy a rat
Bustyourchop: then hang myself
arikgs: then tie a chainsaw above your bed and coat the wire with peanut butter
arikgs: then go to sleep
masterninja15: busty has got the right idea for suicide
arikgs: ?????
Bustyourchop: lmfao
arikgs: profit
masterninja15: go out burning in mid coitus
Haynayy: I feel like your neighbors would call the cops before you had the time to finish all of that...
arikgs: *sigh*
Sterance: some how i knew you would say profit
Haynayy: Unless of course you're a backwoods inbred with a ranch.
arikgs: go buy a fucking gun
Bustyourchop: my neighbors sleep all day they wouldnt see a thing
butt-munch46: hello
arikgs: and shoot yourself in the motherfucking head
masterninja15: child in bed
SpittingVitriol: Pouring Gasoline on your lawn is common, as if the neighbours would care.
arikgs: ther happy?
Sterance: butt-munch46. best name ever
masterninja15: ???
butt-munch46: yeah
masterninja15: profit :D
butt-munch46: thanks
Sterance: short and to the point
butt-munch46: sooooooooo
masterninja15: he munchs butt
butt-munch46: yeah all night
SpittingVitriol: You lost me at 46
SpittingVitriol: Why did you choose 46
butt-munch46: lol
arikgs: you had me at cp
butt-munch46: cos i like it
SpittingVitriol: Of all the glorious numbers..
Sterance: obviously the 46 is for the old school AIM appeal
butt-munch46: yeah totaly
butt-munch46: even tho im 13
arikgs: hey haynay is gone
Sterance: everyone knows if you have aim, you must have numbers in or around your name
SpittingVitriol: 13 doesn't even go into 46 evenly
HAHAdongs: fags
arikgs: i think he finaly kille himself
Sterance: followed by hahadongs. classic
masterninja15: i hope hes live casting that shit
Bustyourchop: hsgf im so tired i cant sleep
butt-munch46: so what r we saposta do now...
SpittingVitriol: Probably went to Twilight Sucks to stand up for his favourite Scene
masterninja15: FAG
butt-munch46: yeah
butt-munch46: PURPLE!
masterninja15: TEAL!
arikgs: i see said the blind man to his death wife
butt-munch46: lol
arikgs: *deaf
arikgs: howerver you spell it
masterninja15: booooo
Sterance: never heard the wife part of that saying before
butt-munch46: i never heard nipples b4
SpittingVitriol: He's appealing to the Women in this channel
Sterance: but i was thinking the same thing
arikgs: lol
masterninja15: the blind man said he didnt like waking up anymore cuase he always knew he was being watched
SpittingVitriol: aka Master
arikgs: your welcome shecreature
masterninja15: then i asked how he could know he couldnt see
butt-munch46: who likes omegle?
masterninja15: then he started crying
arikgs: i liked omegle before it was cool
SpittingVitriol: Yeah I love answering ASL? 1,000 times.
arikgs: *cut cut cut*
masterninja15: and then i found him upside down doing a head stand
butt-munch46: lol
Sterance: masterninja, you are the master of making my brain hurt
masterninja15: he thot he hanged himself
SpittingVitriol: Where's the punch line
arikgs: somebodies getting raped tonight
masterninja15: that was the best christmas ever
butt-munch46: bye
arikgs: looks like you dont have to stream those penus pimples master
SpittingVitriol: Old man